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Final Ride

Tuesday 9th April ,2019  (Final Day Ride)

Stage 1         North Vancouver to UBC

Marine / Lloyd Ave to West 1st Street                                    4.15am
West 1st to Spirit Trail
Spirit Trail to Lions Gate Bridge (underneath)                        4.25am
Lions Gate Bridge to Stanley Park Drive (Prospect Point)
Stanley Park Drive to Beach Ave
Beach Ave to Burrard Street Bridge (North end)                    4.45am
Burrard Street to Cornwall Ave
Cornwall Ave to Point Grey Road
Point Grey road to Alma Street
Alma Street to West 4th Ave                                                      5.00am
West 4th Ave to NW Marine Drive 
NW Marine Drive to Chancellor Blvd 
Chancellor Blvd to Western Pkwy
Western Ave to University Blvd  (UBC Sign)                           5.25am


Stage 2 UBC to Lions Gate / Evergreen House 
University Blvd to Western Pkwy                                             5.45am
Western Pkwy to Chancellor Blvd 
Chancellor Blvd to NW Marine Drive
NW Marine Drive to West 4th Ave  
West 4th Ave to Alma Street                                                     6.00am
Alma Street to Point Grey Road 
Point Grey Road to Cornwall Ave
Cornwall Ave to Burrard Street Bridge (South)                      6.10am
Burrard Street Bridge to Pacific Blvd (right turn)
Pacific Blvd to Hornby Street (right turn) 
Hornby Street to Beach Ave (right turn)
Beach Ave to Stanley Park Drive
Stanley Park Drive to N Lagoon Dr
N Lagoon Dr to Stanley Park Drive (roundabout)                  6.30am
Stanley Park Drive to Stanley Park Causeway
Lions Gate Bridge to Spirit Trail (underneath bridge)           6.50am
Sprit Trail to Lloyd Ave
Lloyd Ave to Marine Drive (right turn)
Marine Drive to W 16th street (left turn)
West 16th Street to Larson Ave
Larson Ave to Jones Ave (right) 
Carson Graham School                                                             7.10am
Jones Ave to 15th Street (left turn)
15th Street to Lions Gate/Evergreen                                     7.20am

Stage 3 Evergreen House

HOPE Centre to Deep Cove

East 15th Street to St Andrews St  (right turn)                       7.35am
St Andrews St to E 13th Street (right turn)
E 13th St to Lonsdale Ave (left turn)
Lonsdale Ave to Esplanade Ave (left turn)
Esplanade Ave to Main Street
Main Street to Dollarton Hwy 
Dollarton Hwy to Deep Cove Road
Deep Cove Road to Gallant Ave  
Gallant Ave to end of road                                                     8.20am

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