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My Goal



Today most people have someone close to our hearts who suffers from some form of mental illness., My goal is to complete my 365 days of riding, sending the message with the help of social media and through other forms of media, to get people to research and learn about their loved one’s or friend’s form of mental illness, understanding that this knowledge that opens doors to make the TIME, TRUST and to TALK and my understanding of my mum’s dementia has helped me so much and in turn this has helped others.  I am proud to have made a huge impact of many of my clients’ lives, in particular Bill, who continues to feel amazing and who plans to join forces with me and give back! 

My belief is that mental health awareness needs to become the norm, with people feeling they can talk about it freely and openly. We can accomplish this through information and education. I only wish looking back during the devastating times when I had my panic, anxiety and depression, that my parents and friends had understood my nightmare! 

Social acceptance of mental health issues NEEDS to HAPPEN . It’s real and it's normal, like being gay, lesbian or whatever your preference is. The person living with mental heath challenges needs to know it’s normal. Trust me; speaking from my experience of living that nightmare, you feel very ALONE!

It's NORMAL for people to have mental health illnesses. it’s so hard to feel that you don’t have someone to talk to, someone to give you the TIME who understands you and who loves you no matter what ! Be the support!

On Tuesday 9th April 2019, I will have completed 365 days straight of riding, with a minimum of 20 km’s per day and on most days covering much more than that. 

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