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In addition to  the Light On P.T.S.D Team event, a client of mine came into my business who is also a avid cyclist. She brought it to my attention that she too was preparing a ride for Mental Health Awareness. Her name is Jane Weller and her journey started in Victoria, B.C. and ended in St Johns NFLD.  It was a 58 day journey that spread such a wonderful message of courage, determination and powerful awareness of Mental Health. She blogged everyday and as I am awake at 4am to go for my own rides, I messaged her giving support and words of encouragement as I kept relating so strongly  to her being alone on the road for that long. Simply amazing!

November 30th 2017


I had decided to challenge myself, and use social media as my tool for Mental Health Awareness. I choose to ride 1,500kms in the month of November. I choose November as it was the hardest, coldest and the worst weather I could face. Along with the darkness, I did my ride in SILENCE and didn’t tell a single person, not even my own family. This difficult month of riding was to mirror a person living with mental health challenges,, unable to talk about it yet so wanting to. These were the  hardest rides of my life, in darkness, experiencing 5 flat tires with the rain and  cold, adding to  the huge mental and physical strain. Riding around Stanley Park ,the most beautiful place in any other month during daylight is, however, the scariest place to be with all the severe elements of fall and winter. 


On November 30th, I went live on social media at 4:30 am to  speak about my challenge and the purpose.On my ride that day, I took along 3 markers, which I placed along my route, the 3 markers representing  3 people whom I knew were dealing with or whom had previously dealt with mental health issues. After  placing these markers,I went live on social media to share my story and explain why! The last marker I placed was on Lions Gate bridge mid-span, ending my total month’s kilometers at 1,500 with this was the very spot where my client ended his life, reflecting that this was a choice, like my ride, overwhelmingly sharing it live with the message of the power of “TALK” and having someone to trust and to talk to! Like me, back when I had my worst Anxiety!

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